• Understanding foods from the inside out.

  • Understanding physiology, to build a healthy diet.

  • Using foods that specifically nourish the human body.

  • Your body tells you what it needs, not the other way around.

  • I only recommend foods that are easily digestible, foods that give you the nutrients needed to lower stress, maintain a healthy weight, lower cholesterol, have abundant energy and more.


The Physio Diet™ is based on human physiology. Understanding how the body works and what it needs to stay healthy. I base my program on foods that allow the body to repair and function at its optimal level. 


The Physio Diet™ was adapted from the work of Dr. Ray Peat, a PHD in human physiology. He is a knowledge scientist, who has spent his life researching physiology and foods that heal, balance and strengthen. 

I woke up one morning seeing double; everything was double and diagonal. At first I thought it was my eyes adjusting to waking up, but after a few hours I became concerned and went to the hospital. After 14 hours in the hospital, two MRI’s, seeing multiple doctors, they could only tell me that I had a condition called Diplopia. I did not meet any of the criteria which would cause this condition, but this is what they said I had.

During the follow up visit with the best Neuro Opthomalagist, I was given a prism to adhere to my glasses so I could drive and read. I was told this was a symptom of many conditions and sometimes it will go away on its own in a week, a month, a year or NEVER! Surgery would be a last resort, because of my age, so he wanted to wait six months before doing that. I was to come back every thirty days to monitor my condition.

I shared my story with Lisa and she said I could heal from this. She had success with other conditions using her nutritional program. By using real whole foods to heal my gut, the healing powers of my body could concentrate where it was most needed.

I walked into my doctor’s office for my 30 day check up and he was amazed that I didn’t have my glasses on. I had periods when I didn’t need them. He said that was a good sign. I told him that I was following a nutritional program and doing eye exercises. He rolled his eyes. After the exam he said, the good news is, you don’t have to come back for five months, the bad news is we will have to do surgery. This contradicted what he said during the first visit. 

I was determined to heal and not need surgery. I continued eating the foods I was taught would help me heal and did my eye exercises. Two weeks later, I woke up, did my morning routine. After an hour, I went into the bathroom to shower, looked in the mirror and saw I didn’t have my glasses on and the double vision was gone!

I continue this nutritional lifestyle to this day. Everything has changed, from maintaining a healthy weight and having normal blood pressure. I feel good, I have lots of energy and my cravings are gone, as my body is getting everything it needs. ​Thank you Lisa!


Eileen / San Francisco, CA

I started working with Lisa two years ago. A friend had worked with her, after having a health crisis and Lisa helped her, so I thought maybe she could help me.

I had tried nutritional programs, vitamins, exercise, doctors, medications and nothing worked. Things got so bad, I was on the highest dose of Morphine and nine other medications for 14 years, in a pain management program at Kaiser. The hopelessness I felt was overwhelming. 

I had anxiety from a young age, experimented with drugs and alcohol and at 33 got sober. A year into my sobriety, I realized I still felt like I had a hangover. All the symptoms I had in my youth were back, only much more severe. I had many food allergies, hives and respiratory problems, everything I ate made me sick. At 40 I went through menopause. Things went downhill from there. I was using a cane, an electric wheelchair for long distances. I spent a lot of time in bed, isolated with no social life, leading to depression. I was now on Social Security, as I could no longer work.

I saw a rheumatologist and every type of specialist I could find. One specialist said I was an anomaly and he couldn’t help me. I was just going to have to accept that this was my life and do the best I can. I was frightened because I knew with all the medication and laxatives, my gut would suffer and I would be more vulnerable to other diseases. I was completely dependent on the medications, though with time, they were less and less effective. This was not acceptable to me. 

I finally had the chance to meet with Lisa. She explained that to turn this around I would have to be completely committed. I was ready and used all I learned in recovery to stay committed to my health and happiness. We’ve been working together for 2 years and she has structured a program that has worked for me. I am able to reach out when I have questions or concerns, I feel very supported.

Since we began working together, I am down 95% of the morphine and off 5 of the other medications. I will soon be off all medication. I dance 4 times a week, I do Xi gong, I take care of my active granddaughter and have a social life again. I am truly grateful to work with Lisa. This is a life change and though there are still ups and downs, I feel like a different person inside and out. I feel hopeful and grateful. Thank you Lisa.

Nancy / San Francisco, CA

Photographs by:
Holly Forrest (blueberries, carrots), Kelly Stone (morels)

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